I make it a priority to
understand the
nature of your
business interests.


We all go through a process to make a pricing-decision. My job is to become your in-house research analyst, so that you have the best fundamental information to do your job better.

Everybody can access generic information and government or weather reports at the same time. What differentiates the research and distinguishes me are the contacts, style, delivery, approach and detail that are not readily available. There is so much information out there, but by focusing on what really matters and by leveraging observations, trends & opinion, decisions can then be made with confidence and less on emotion.
            Greg Kostal - President/Owner
The ability to consistently deliver value has one key personal touch. I make it a priority to understand the nature of your business interests. This is done with an interactive approach that builds a solid long term relationship where clients actually are personal friends.

Pulses: Nov 30-18

This is a unique time in the pulse price discovery cycle. Red lentils are trading at 18 cts/lb. Large green lentils 21 cts/lb. Yellow peas $7/bu; 25 cts more in SW AB. Green peas bids of $10/bu can be found. This market is turbo-charged with perception and psychology, which contains bullish views, bearish view and incorrect views.

This is not a time to overthink it. There is one thing and one thing only that matters right now. Follow India domestic pulse price trends. Pulse mport arbitrage math neednít exclusivley work into India specifically, rather that other importers understand the potential arbitrage math, or understand that it might. That's even with quotas or tariffs. If green lentils are of interest, must have an understanding of the pigeon pea situation.

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