I make it a priority to
understand the
nature of your
business interests.


We all go through a process to make a pricing-decision. My job is to become your in-house research analyst, so that you have the best fundamental information to do your job better.

Everybody can access generic information and government or weather reports at the same time. What differentiates the research and distinguishes me are the contacts, style, delivery, approach and detail that are not readily available. There is so much information out there, but by focusing on what really matters and by leveraging observations, trends & opinion, decisions can then be made with confidence and less on emotion.
            Greg Kostal - President/Owner
The ability to consistently deliver value has one key personal touch. I make it a priority to understand the nature of your business interests. This is done with an interactive approach that builds a solid long term relationship where clients actually are personal friends.

Heading Into Spring: April 3-18

South American crop size is what it is and will permanently skew fundamentals until their 2019 harvest replenishes supply. Implications to corn and soybeans are modest. Here's an excerpt from recent research on corn.

Maybe final US corn seeded acreage will exceed 88 mil; maybe yield will exceed 175 bu/ac, but respective economics are not in rationing mode to threaten demand assumptions. While exports are a smaller tonnage component versus food and feed, weekly export newsflow should be strong through to Feb-19 to feed bull psychology. When headline US 18/19 carryout portrays about 1.5 bil bu, down from 2.25 bil bu four months ago, consumers who have profit are likely to side with wanting deeper coverage, specs are likely to re-establish a large long, and market bias is likely to look for fault more than praise good early growing season. Impact: Until 2018 supply assurances are made, corn looks poised to trend higher.

A view on major commodities (wheat, corn, soy) and implications to Canada has just been completed. If would like more detail or on anything else in the reading room, please send me an email or can be reached by  

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