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Commodity markets are kind of like a soap-opera where there is no beginning or end to the story. Market analysis is ongoing too. Below are some examples of material covered. Please click here for more information. I'd be happy to send you a specific research report.

April 2019
01: My Favorite Discretionary Crop Planting Choice Is........
02: The Top 2019 Crop Disappointment Choice is......
04: Spring Wheat
05: Growing Season Assumptions and Off-Combine Price Ideas
09: Take Away From Today’s USDA Report
11: Domestic Feed Grain Outlook
12: We Must Think About China Differently
16: April 1619: Canola Update
17: April 1719: Alberta SPE

March 2019
02: Politics and Canola Trashing
04: Navigating Political Waters
05: Canola (It is Officially Personal)
07: Pulse Update
07: Durum Update
07: Cycle
11: Pulse Marketing Simplified
12: Sask Crop Insurance (Comments on Price Choice)
13: China is a Master at Buying Commodities
14: Core Reason Why India Cant Relinquish Pulse Import Control
14: Tunisia Buys Durum
16: Canola Update and Outlook
19: Mar1919: Market at Work
21: CAD Dollar View Simplified
21: Canola and China in News
24: Importance of China to Canada
25: More on Canola
26: Canola Take 2
27: Canada Acreage Spin - Update
28: Canola – As the Political Wheel Spins
29: Highlights USDA Report - 90 min after Release
30: India Import Pulse Policy Updated

February 2019
02: Urea Observation
03: Nothing New
05: Highlights Stat Can Grain Stock Report
06: Canada Supply Demand Follow Up
10: USDA Report – One Theme Floats To Top
11: India Vegetative Maps
13: Durum Update - Tunisia Buys
14: Canaryseed Update
14: Wheat Update (and other commodities for that matter)
15: Wheat (One more Eye Catching Statistic)
15: Marketing Flow Chart
20: New Crop Cash Flow Planning
24: Pea and Canola
25: West Canada Acreage Density Maps
26: Western Canada Acreage Shifts
27: Barley - A Political Consideration
28: Canola 1 Pager (Short Version of What’s Going On)
28: Summary Whats Going On

January 2019
02: Pulse Update
04: Notes (Canola, Wheat, Durum)
07: Wheat Update
09: Durum Update
10: Red Lentil Update
11: Yellow Pea Update
12: Buying and Selling Preferences - A recap of choice by Commodity
15: 12 Reasons Why Canada Wheat Exports are Strong
15: Canola Update
18: India Rain Event
20: Crop Margin Update
23: Convolution - Market Discussion and Opinion
23: Q and A (Canola and Wheat)
23: Wheat Harvest Calendar
25: Farm Survival - Big Picture Thought
27: Data Catch-up Important to Sentiment
28: Statistically Challenge of Wheat
29: Sales Recap
29: New Crop Elevator Wheat & Canola Basis

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