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Commodity markets are kind of like a soap-opera where there is no beginning or end to the story. Market analysis is ongoing too. Below are some examples of material covered. Please click here for more information. I'd be happy to send you a specific research report.

December 2018
02: China vs US Politics - Early Take from G20 in Argentina
02: India Weather Maps
03: Things to Watch post G20 meeting
03: There's Politics and Perception
05: Evening Notes (Politics, Canola, Pulses)
06: Highlight Stat Can 1 hour after release
07: Pulse Cycle is Shifting (Lentils as example)
08: Pea Update
11: USDA Report – Core Risk Profile Doesnt Change
13: Wheat Update
14: Thoughts (China, Pulse, Wheat)
16: SK & AB Cattle on Feed

November 2018
01: Oats Update
02: Politics at Work Again - An Opinion
05: Prairie Weather & Harvest
06: India Weather Discussion
07: Barley Update
07: India Weather Volatility Begins
08: USDA Report Thoughts
10: More Big Picture Thoughts
13: Western Canada Crop Quality Wrap
14: Canola – Here’s a Sign of Relative Supply Abundance
15: India Weather Volatility (Update to Nov 7)
19: Morning Notes (Wheat, Soy, India Pulse)
19: Preliminary Thoughts on Australia vs China Barley Politics
21: What Pulse to Plant in 2019
26: Notes: Canola, Durum, Wheat
28: Following India Domestic Pulse Prices
29: If Canada 2019 Planting Happened Today
30: Currency Update

October 2018
01: Bleak India Pulse Import Recovery This Year
02: Comment Harvest Progress, Quality, Market Implications
02: Malt Barley Q & A
02: Oats Q & A
02: Canola Question and Answer
03: Understanding Concept of Market Ready Supply Marketing
04: Tunisia Buys Durum - A Discussion
04: Attribute Markeing (with 1 page wheat outlook)
06: 5 Year History of India Pulse Policy
07: Weekend Observation (Harvest, Oats, Canola)
10: More Q and A (Soy, Canola, Canary, Marketing)
11: Important Weather Map
11: USDA Report - The tiny bit that caught my eye
13: Urea and Nitrogen Update
14: Durum Observation
16: El Nino Discussion
16: Notes (Canola, Peas, Wheat)
21: Harvest Update - Evolving Implication Assessment
22: Feed Grain Discussion
22: Prairie Weather Pattern Change starts in about 10 Days
23: Sales Recap - A Fat Pencil Guideline
23: India Pulse Glyphosate
25: The Reality Report
30: Marine Shipping Change and Diesel
31: Saggy Oilseeds - Canola’s Problem is Soybeans

September 2018
01: Stat Can Follow-up with Outlook Comments
03: Comment on Frost/Freeze Event Next 2 Nights
05: Oilseed Demand Dilemma in 2 Months
06: A Look at Residual from Todays Stat Can Report
06: Updated Select Canada Supply Demand
07: Currency Chaos - Observation as it relates to our Ag space
07: Late Friday Thoughts
11: India Observation
12: USDA Report - Important Stuff that Caught My Eye in first hour
12: Feed Barley Update
13: Question and Answer (urea, soy, wheat, durum, chickpeas, canary)
13: Wheat - reiterating risk-reward guidance
14: Comments on Sask Durum Lentil Pea Quality
15: Question & Answer (wheat, durum, canola)
16: Comment on Harvest Progress and Pending Weather
17: Tunisia Buys Durum
18: Canola Perspective
19: Highlights Stat Can Model Based Report
20: Soybean Q & A
21: Durum Recap 1 Pager
21: Maintaining Glass Half Full Attitude Crucial During Transition
23: If Canada 2019 Planting Happened Today
30: Sunday Notes (Oats, Urea, Weather)

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